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lolikillyaaa Owner posted Apr 10, 14
VC-Craft is not the next RevelationCraft. Whoever has told you this is lying since they do not have permission to advertise on my site or make a 'copy'. 
mew_the_sir LegendaryTitan i lost 170 :I wowe much lost very dum so stupid
[CRBETA] ShadowKiller0703 Titan Ty and swifty kept doing it 3:
apollon_13 LegendaryVIPPremium YAY! I JUST LOST 170 EUROS IM SO FUCKING HAPPY!!! ...

Good bye! :(

lolikillyaaa Owner posted Apr 9, 14
I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Owner for the ReveationCraft servers. The reason for why I am resigning is because I’ve lost interest in Minecraft. I no longer have fun on it as I used to. It just only gives me stress and interferes with my school. But during my work, I have gained a vast knowledge, experience and skills in the coding and server management field.

Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last three years. I have enjoyed working for the RC and appreciate the support provided me.

I will be focusing on another game server, I invite you all to come and give it a try. I will be posting the website link soon and I plan on leaving RevelationCraft open till the end of this month. You never know I may gain interest in Minecraft again but it’s highly unlikely.

For anyone that has the experience of running a server and would like to take over RC. PM me! 

PS. I resigned too, same reasons as Loli (Didn't actually make a post till now); As fun and enjoyable as helping run and design gamemodes and playing with you all was, Minecraft has lost its appeal. I wish you all the best of luck, and maybe I'll see you guys on other games ! - Chiiklez
Capelad/Cpt_Stinger PremiumAdvertiser Loli Dont, I Will Do it I'll Take the Server [Without Buying]........ Just Please Dont Or Give it To TyTheCreator....... ...
CaitlynYorkie Premium This server had some up and downs. It'd be good to see it under new management though (if someone does feel like taking ...
BamNio Premium *sigh* You know, this is the FIRST server I ever went to, since 1.3.2. It was the best server ever, from 1.3.2 to 1.4.2. ...

Voter(s) Of the month~

TyTheCreator15 Premium posted Mar 31, 14
Congrats to MadScientist & BurningTrooper for being the two top voters of the month!

Unfortunately, since they had a Tie, they will have to do a "Tie-Breaker"! The Tie Breaker will be one 1vs1 Match of Spleef between them. 

The victor will win the RankUp!
BurningTrooper You didn't even msg me. Whatever we live in total different timezones and its kind of hard to meet and make a spleef mat ...
[CRBETA] MadScientistFTW VIPPremium yillo (burningtrooper) wont friend me or talk to me so we can work something out :L
StevenThePlayer Do i get a price, I'm 3rd though.


lolikillyaaa Owner posted Mar 24, 14
Faction issues should be fixed now!
evridikicrazy99 Premium I have a faction alone.It works fine if you are in creative mode...I also find many raids so i get looooot!
Three-sided jade Are the factions with no members getting disbanded?It kinda makes no sense to have them their if no one is in them.

CrimeRing skill refund

lolikillyaaa Owner posted Mar 22, 14
The skill refund will be removed on the 25th. The server should be a bit laggy while the skill refund is on. Sorry for the inconvenience 
PilotAndy VIPAdvertiser I'm missing my Killer Strength and Hitman Grappling! Please give them back1 Thanks!
®evelationWolƒ Premium Lol. Loli can get sued for not refunding people today. Lol.
ErickSS00117 Premium plz I had 3 skills picksmith, quick feet, ledge jumping ,, and I didn't get my refund plz I need the money
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